BHM: Kelechi Okafor – Bath Spa University

Blackness, Anger and Social Change

Monday 26 October, 2020 – Monday 26 October, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

This talk will be delivered virtually.

Profile photoIn this talk Kelechi will explore the Angry Black Woman narrative and why it is a trope that can be dismantled by reclaiming anger.


"While there are people who are fearful of the anger that has led people out into the streets to protest, I welcome it. For centuries, black people have been stereotyped by society as ‘angry’, leaving little room for us to truly be honest about why, of all adjectives, ‘angry’ was one that was placed upon us. The anger we are seeing today is a valid expression of hurt that’s resulted from centuries of slavery, colonisation and systemic and institutional oppression. In 2020, it took the UK government’s (mis)handling of a pandemic, plus another case of police brutality to get us all to decide that enough is in fact enough.”

Kelechi Okafor (British Vogue 2020)

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