BHM: Manoel Akure – Bath Spa University

Manoel Akure - Ordinary Black people doing extraordinary things

Friday 2 October, 2020 – Friday 2 October, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

This talk will be delivered virtually.

Also known as 'The Guy with the Red Hat', Manoel was the person pictured stood atop the Colston statue's plinth in Bristol after it was brought down. Manoel and Jermaine discuss what the toppling of the statue means, and the international reverberations the act has had. Manoel also discusses why he decided to say a prayer to the gathered masses on top of the plinth, what Black Lives Matter means to him, and many other things in between.

"I wouldn't be proud of myself if I backed down from standing there because I was scared."

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