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Games Development First Cohort – Bath Spa University

Games Development Students make BSU History

Thursday, 30 May, 2024

It’s an exciting time in the Bath Spa University calendar, with many students from a range of courses showcasing their final year projects ahead of graduation.

One such innovative cohort, the first of its kind at BSU, are hoping to hit start on their careers as the BA Games Development students showcased the culmination of their hard work at Newton Park this week.

The Showcase celebrated the first graduating cohort of Games Development students at BSU, with two final projects under the spotlight.

Time To Die, a fantasy roguelike game, allows players to take control of a Rogue, Knight and Mage, traversing multiple acts and fighting the evil Timecaster’s minions with unique dice. Players can upgrade their heroes and unlock new faces for their dice, creating a unique adventure each time.

The team behind Time to Die consisted of:

  • Thomas Foale - 3D Artist + Animator + Prop Designer
  • Lauren Godfray - 2D Artist + Graphic Design + Marketing
  • Adam House - Programmer + Gameplay Development + VFX Artist
  • James Seaman - Programmer + UI Developer + Bug Fixer + Player Experience
  • Oliver Poole - Sound + Narrative/Encounters + Documentation + HR + Marketing

Speaking about their experience working on the course, Oliver Poole said:

“From my own personal experience of the course, I’ve enjoyed all three years. It’s taught me new skills that I didn’t have before, like 3D Modelling and Sound Design. Not only did I learn those new skills, but I also built upon ones I already had.

It’s extremely fun, and this course has been brilliant in preparing me for a career in my chosen field.”

The other game showcased at the event was Sanguine Chrome, an absurdist top down shooter that allows players take the role of a run-of-the-mill civilian in a biopunk dystopian setting.

A group of students posing for a photo, stood in front of a whiteboard

The team behind Sanguine Chrome consisted of:

  • Ben Jamieson: Lead character animator and QA
  • Kajus Valunas: Lead programmer, game developer and bug fixer
  • Ryan Banks: Assistant programmer and level designer
  • Daniel Littleford: Assistant programmer, head of cutscenes and UI developer
  • Ben Garland: Lead level artist
  • Troy Middleton: Asset artist, level designer and sound curator

Lauren Godfrey, whose passion lies in art, touched on her pride in being part of the first Games Development cohort to graduate from Bath Spa University:

“It’s really nice that this course goes through all the different aspect of games development. It’s not just coding or art, it really focusses on the development of everything in the building process.

Although it hasn’t sunk in yet, it is an honour to be the first people to graduate from this course.”

James TerKeurst, Programme Leader for the Games Development course at Bath Spa University spoke of his pride in seeing the students reach the end of their projects:

“These are terrific students who have worked hard at Bath Spa University, and exemplify our aspirations for student achievement and success.”

Interested in starting your career in the world of gaming? Bath Spa University has a number of courses that help you kickstart your quest.

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