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Ian Hale – Bath Spa University

 Student/Alumni profile 

Course studied: MA Education
Graduating year: 2008

Based in Bristol, Dr Ian Hale is an author, a poet and an autism specialist.

Recently published, his book Asperger's, Autism and You: is the epidemic real and are vaccines the cause? demystifies the clinical and personal issues around autism and Asperger's, and he is currently looking for opportunities to tell his story as an Autistic person.

Whether in the media or through consulting, diagnosing, advocacy, research, teaching or public speaking, Ian wants to share what he has learned as widely as possible.

“Positive, encouraging, fun, very demanding; very high standards both expected and given. All round I loved it and found in it my true path, it would be impossible not to give the highest recommendation to both Bath Spa and that course”.

Why did you choose to study a Master's in Education at Bath Spa? 

For the learning and research opportunity; it’s a unique course and was the perfect fit.

“The best thing about the course was…”

The quality and support of the tutors, being a special needs person myself (I’m Aspergers) was a challenge for them as well as myself. They were great.

“I’ll always remember…”

The castle, the magnificent gardens and Main House.

“I recommend Bath Spa because…”

It is a very positive atmosphere – I have seen many Universities across the world, but Bath Spa has a very special, warm feeling. It is a beautiful, inspiring and safe environment, while being always vibrant. The courses, all the courses, are unique (not generic) and each has that little sprinkle of magic which makes the difference between a good University and an outstanding one – which Bath Spa is.

“I am most proud of…”

Seizing opportunities, even when the prospect was very frightening.

Academic qualifications

  • BA (Hons) University of Portsmouth
  • MA Professional Education Studies, Bath Spa University
  • PGCE (QTS) Bath College of Higher Education (now Bath Spa University) and University of Bristol
  • Certified Adult and Distance Learning Instructor, (County of Avon, Department of Education)
  • International Diploma in Integrated Medicine (UNO)
  • TEFL certified teacher, Center for Independent Studies, Miami, Fl
  • World Wide Web Awards: Bronze Medal Winner for HaBAS Website, 2008

Professional memberships

  • Member of British Mensa
  • Academia Costantiniana, di Arti e Science (Palermo)
  • Member of Callidus
  • Member of The Methuselah Mouse Project
  • Member of SENS (Cambridge University)
  • The Athenian Society
  • Russian Academy of Science (Associate)

Projects and publications

  • Research project on the teaching of genetics and blood group heritability of classical Autism for Bath Spa University (published 2010)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: Essentials for patients, caregivers and parents (published in SSRN, December 2010; reprinted 2011)
  • Simple and Complex (2015)
  • The Insider’s Guide to Autism and Aspergers, Vook-Random House, NY (2013)
  • Emotional Exile, Pronoun/Random House NY (2014)
  • Dance with the Desert, Amazon Books (2015)
  • Letters from the Dragon’s Lair, Amazon Books, (2016)
  • Aspergers, Autism & You, International Foundation for Education, Research and Scholarships, (IFERS) Press, Beverley Hills, Ca (2018)

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