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Matthew Emeny – Bath Spa University

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Course: BA (Hons) Acting

Matthew trained in Acting at Bath Spa University, graduating with a first class honours degree. Since then, he has worked with professional companies around the UK.

Matthew also works as a video content producer, filmmaker and theater producer.

Now based back in Bath, Matthew is a working member of the Natural Theatre company, a freelance actor, theatre maker, producer and director.

Currently Matthew is studying for an MA in Creative Producing at Bath Spa University.

"If I hadn't gone to Bath Spa, I would most likely just be an unemployed actor, not a constantly working professional."

How did the course support your steps into the industry?

The course taught me to take up every opportunity that presents itself to me. You never know where a door can lead you.

By editing a film, I found the skills to gain employment in London. Going on a new writing course allowed me to become a director of a theatre company. By taking on a project as a producer, I transferred my first show to an off-West End Venue.

This course trains you to be an actor, but it teaches you the skills to survive in the industry - an area missed by most training establishments.

Why did you choose the BA Acting course at Bath Spa?

As soon as I drove up the drive and saw the cows, I was in love. I was happy here. The tutors were interested in me, the course was packed with exciting opportunities and the campus was full of life. I just knew this was the right place to be. 

"I am most proud of..."

My most recent play, "Footprints". It was my debut in writing that I wrote in under a month, spending nearly 24 hours a day on it. We rehearsed for ten solid days, making countless changes and edits.

Not only was I writing a two character play, I was acting in it and producing it. It made me cry, it made me throw things against the wall and sleep went out the window. But when the curtain went down and we got awarded a five star fringe review, it was all worth it. I will never forget what I learned. It was priceless.

"The best thing about the course was..."

The different pathways on offer. You can tailor the course to your own needs. I wanted to act on stage, so I did. My friends wanted to direct film, so they did. I came to Bath Spa knowing nothing. I left with famous playwrights and directors' numbers saved in my phone - we go and have tea together, we work together. What more could I ask for?

"I recommend Bath Spa because..."

I was listened to. I was understood and I was pushed to be the best I could be. I was cared for, and sometimes that meant a telling off, but without that I would never be where I am today. If you choose to train at Bath Spa, you certainly wont regret it. Bath Spa just supported my last two professional productions and films. There is a life bond there; I know they always have my back. If I could choose again, it would be Bath Spa every time.

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