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City of Imagination – Bath Spa University

City of Imagination

City of Imagination is a collaboration between students and staff at Bath Spa University, alongside the wider community, which aims to reimagine Bath as a creative, original, inclusive city.

Imagination is a superpower. As part of this project, Bath Spa University students are working alongside House of Imagination, Bath Cultural Education Partnership (BCEP), local creatives, and children and young people in local schools to co-design a City of Imagination.

Our goal is to make creativity visible and co-design a manifesto for the City of Imagination so that everyone can see themselves as part of that process.

"Imagine if Bath could present a confident, coherent view of itself, with all the reach and impact that would open up? This video presents one suggestion for that coherent view – seeing Bath as a City of Imagination, built and building on creativity and originality, owning that this is what allowed it to be successful in the past and confident that this is the road also to future success.

It is an idea that will grow by discussion and repetition, and as it does so, it will gain depth and breadth. I would encourage you to have a look at this beautiful (and short) film and add your thoughts to the debate."

Professor Sue Rigby, Vice-Chancellor, Bath Spa University

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