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Publications – Bath Spa University

Our researchers are leading experts in their fields who publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals, books, and published conference proceedings.

Listed below is a selection of journal articles and books published by members of the History and Heritage department. Full lists of publications can be found on individual staff pages.

  • Griffin, B (2018) '"The more sport the merrier, say we": sport in Ireland during the Great Famine.' Irish Economic and Social History.
  • Hackett, S (2019) Rethinking Muslim integration in Britain: a rural perspective. Manchester University Press, Manchester.
  • Malik, I. H. (2018) The silk road and beyond: narratives of a Muslim historian. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • Marshall, A (2018) 'Arcana imperii': a history of espionage in early-modern Britain, 1598-1715. Manchester University Press, Manchester. 
  • Otele, O (2018) Afro-Europeans: a short history. Hurst. 
  • Swenson, A (2018) 'Under false pretenses.' In: Buckland, A and Qureshi, S, eds. Time travellers: the Victorians and their past. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
  • Williamson, C (2018) '"Hope I die before I get old": youth, deviance and popular culture in Britain.' In: Nash, D.S and Kilday, A-M, eds. Murder and mayhem: crime in twentieth-century Britain. Palgrave, London.

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