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Getting yourself ready to start

Discover the services and resources you need to make the most of your time at Bath Spa – from the moment you arrive. Here you'll find everything from information on fees and finance to IT support.

Student Information Team

Need to get in touch? The Student Information Team is often your first point of contact for advice and support. The team can put you in direct contact with the person or team who can best assist with your question. Call or email the team:

Student Finance

Your fees and finance are an important part of your university experience. Making sure you're in control of your finances while you're a student will make a big difference. You'll find more information below on what our teams can assist you with. Please get in touch by email or contact the Student Information Desk if you're not sure who you need.

Student fees

Student fees offers advice and guidance on:

  • Tuition fees
  • Tuition fee loans
  • Sponsorship
  • Accommodation payment queries

The Student Fees team can also give advice on when and how to apply for Student Finance and liaise with the relevant funding body on your behalf.


Student funding

Student funding offers advice and guidance on:

  • Student funding
  • Bursaries
  • Scholarships
  • Studentships
  • International funding


Student payments

Student payments offers advice and guidance on:

  • Student payments
  • How to pay fees
  • Instalment dates
  • How to update card details
  • Payment options


Fee statement

You can access your Fee statement via the Hub once you've completed online registration. The fee statement details any fee that you're liable to pay, payments made to the University and your scheduled instalment payments. You can also make a payment direct to the University from the Hub; see ‘make a payment’.

Tuition fees

For your specific tuition fee, please check your course webpage. Tuition fees are charged at the beginning of each academic period. They're subject to annual review and may be liable to rise each academic year. Your tuition fee will be displayed when completing online registration and if you're liable to pay any fee, you'll have the option to select instalments.

Accommodation fees

Bath Spa University accommodation fees are charged for the full licence period at the beginning of the academic year. You'll have the option to pay your accommodation fees by instalment when completing online registration. If you're in receipt of Student Finance maintenance loans, we recommend you select the three instalment option as these dates correlate with receipt of your maintenance loans.

Financial awards and crowdfunding

A number of financial awards are available to current students to help you make the most of your time here. Got a project or idea, but there's no funding available? We also run a crowdfunding platform, Launchpad. To contact us about this, please email:

IT support

Please check out our Student IT Guide for help with any IT queries.

Once you're registered, you'll be able to set up your password in the Self Service Password Reset Tool, please watch this helpful tutorial, then register your details.

For any other IT advice and support, please type a keyword into the search bar on your self service portal Apollo, where you can find information, how to guides and submit a support request by logging a call if you need help. Our quick tutorial will help you get started in Apollo.

If you urgently need help, you can contact the IT Service Desk on +44 (0)1225 876500.

University network

Your University network account is used across all our internal systems such as the Hub, Library and Minerva. Your username is your six digit student number, and your password will be emailed to you when you first create an account for online registration.


Connecting to University Wi-Fi is simple using the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool. See links below for information on how to connect your device:

Recommended specifications for laptops

We've identified a minimum laptop specification that will give you the basic functionality to complete your studies. Some courses may require a higher specification. If this is the case your course or subject leader will be able to advise you on the most suitable laptop for your course.


  • Intel® 7thGen or newer CPU – or AMD equivalent (1.6GHz or faster)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) version
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 250GB Hard Disk

(Additional storage may be required for large files)


  • MacBook Air 13-inch
  • 1.1GHz Dual-core Intel Core i3 Intel Processor
  • OS X
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB Hard Disk

(Additional storage may be required for large files)

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Help with tech

Get up to 20% off Dell products

Bath Spa University is part of the Dell Advantage for Students programme, which means we can give you access to unique discounts on Dell consumer products all year round. Here's how:

  1. Learn more. Visit the Dell Advantage for Students page.
  2. Redeem your coupons by simply entering your University email address. Vouchers will be sent by email.
  3. Visit Dell. Choose from either Home or Work products. For your saving to be applied, make sure you add your relevant discount code at the checkout.

Discounted Higher Education rates for Apple products

Visit our Academia portal for discounted Higher Education rates on the Apple range.

Getting around

Bath is the perfect student city – not too big, and not too small - so it's easy to get around.

If you're travelling between the city centre and Locksbrook or Newton Park Campus, the U5 bus route is very handy and runs every 10 minutes during the week. Check out the new term timetable and route.

Find out more about how to get around the city on our dedicated page, including information on parking.

International students

International arrivals

We know that coming to the UK to study is a big step, especially if this is your first time away from home. So we want to make sure that you have access to all the information and support that you need to help you prepare for student life in the UK.

Below you'll find key dates, activities and a summary of information to prepare you for your arrival. You can find lots more useful information and advice on our International Arrivals page.

Travel and Covid-19

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, there are certain requirements to follow before you travel, and when you arrive in England - head over to our international arrivals page for important information to read before you arrive

This information is subject to change so please always check the UK Government Entering the UK page for the most up to date advice.

Before travelling

  1. Check the UK government requirements based on your country of departure.
  2. Provide your journey details to Bath Spa University.
  3. The day before you plan to travel to the UK, complete the UK government’s arrival form.
  4. Book your transportation to Bath (see below for details).
  5. Students who are required to self-isolate upon arrival will need to respond to the email sent by

Travelling to Bath

Travel from London Heathrow Airport to Bath

By taxi

Private taxi transfers from Heathrow to Bath take two hours and cost between £135-£150.

Some options include:

By bus/coach

National Express coaches depart from the Heathrow Central Bus Station (between Terminal 2 and 3). To get there from Terminal 5, take the free underground Heathrow Express transfer to Terminal 2/3. You'll need to get a free transfer ticket from the machine next to the entry gates.

Journeys take two and a half hours to Bath Bus Station and depart around every two hours.

Book an e-ticket 

Further travel to Green Park House (BA1 1BQ)
  • It's a ten-minute walk from Bath bus or train station to Green Park House.
  • Alternatively, the U1 bus takes you one stop from Dorchester Street (across from the bus station) to Green Park House (cost £1.20).
  • Taxis depart from the front of Bath train station (four-minute journey).
Further travel to Waterside Court (BA2 3ED) and Charlton Court (BA2 3ES)
  • Taxis depart from the front of Bath train station (eight-minute journey).
Further travel to Newton Park campus – Gardens/Lakeside accommodation (BA2 9BN)
  • The U5 bus runs from the city centre Bus Station to Newton Park Campus (cost £2.50).
  • Taxis depart from the front of Bath Train Station (15-minute journey).

Travel from Bristol Airport to Bath

By taxi

Private taxi transfers from Bristol Airport to Bath take 45 minutes and cost between £35-£50. Arrow Cars offer pick up from the terminal.

By bus/coach

Air Decker operates an hourly bus service from Bristol Airport to Bath which costs £15. Payments can be made directly upon boarding. The bus is green and will be numbered A4. It picks up from right outside the terminal.

The stop nearest to Gardens/Lakeside accommodation on the Newton Park campus (BA2 9BN) is Newton St Loe/Globe. From there, you can cross the road to the opposite bus stop and pick up the U5 bus which goes directly to campus.

The stop nearest to Green Park House (BA1 1BQ) is Green Park Station or James Street West. It's a one-minute walk from there to Green Park House.

For Waterside Court (BA2 3ED) and Charlton Court (BA2 3ES), the nearest stop is Windsor Villas. It is an eight-minute walk from Windsor Villas.

Check that your visa is correct

When you receive your visa it's important you check that all the details are correct. If you have applied from your home country and been issued a vignette (visa sticker in your passport) then you should check that the information in the accompanying letter is correct, as these details usually match the information that will be printed on the biometric residence permit (BRP) you will collect in the UK after you arrive:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your gender
  • That you have permission under the Student or Child Student route
  • The Sponsor Licence Number (SLN) of the institution that you intend to study at
  • That the start and end dates are correct
  • Work conditions (how many hours can you work?)
  • The condition to register with the police (if that applies to you: see Police registration).

The Home Office requests you to have any errors amended, and also requires Bath Spa University, as your sponsor institution, to notify them if you have been given the incorrect conditions (for example, if you have been given incorrect work conditions).

The Immigration Advice Service will be able to advise and assist you with any corrections when you arrive.

Collecting your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

Your BRP card is your visa and proof of your right to be in the UK as a student. It's a very important document. You must look after it and keep it in a safe place. You do not need to carry your BRP card with you all the time.

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals - you will not receive a BRP to evidence your Student visa but will receive an electronic notification of UKVI’s decision instead - this is referred to as your ‘digital status’. You will be able to check your immigration status and conditions at any time using the ‘view and prove’ service on the GOV.UK portal. This function will allow you to prove your immigration status to the University and employers.

You will need to collect your BRP either from the University or the Post Office depending on the information you put in your application (see below). If you have forgotten, don’t worry, as the decision letter you will receive with the outcome of your visa application will confirm the collection point.

Your decision letter will advise you that you need to collect your BRP within 10 days of arrival OR by the expiry of your entry vignette, whichever is later. If you are required to quarantine after arrival in the UK, you should not collect your BRP until after the required quarantine period.

If you're unable to collect your BRP within the given time frames due to self-isolation or because you have been unable to travel to the UK within the validity of your vignette, the Coronavirus advice for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents webpage confirms that you will not be penalised for being unable to collect your BRP while coronavirus measures are in place.

If you are unable to collect your BRP within the relevant time-limit, please contact the Immigration Advice Service.

If you selected to use the Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code for Bath Spa when you made your visa application, then your BRP will be delivered to us. Once we have received your BRP, we will check it for any errors. You will receive an email to confirm that your BRP is ready for collection, with instructions for making an appointment to collect it.

Full details of how to collect your BRP will be included in the email. You must wait for email confirmation that your BRP has been received before attempting to make an appointment.

If you did not select the ACL delivery process, then please go to the post office in Bath city centre to collect your BRP. Please read the information and instructions on our web pages for further details on collecting your BRP from the Post Office.

Moving into your accommodation

Please email with your estimated arrival time.

For Green Park House, Waterside or Charlton Court, please proceed to the reception (main entrance) of the building you're moving into.

For Newton Park campus, the Accommodation team will provide you with specific instructions on where to pick up your room keys.

Support will be available from the Accommodation and Student Wellbeing Services team for students needing to isolate on arrival in halls.

Setting up a bank account

You should open a UK bank account as soon as possible after arrival. You can choose from several banks to open your account such as Santander, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC and many more.

You'll need documentary evidence of your status in the UK; you can get a student status letter after enrolment by logging a call on Apollo Self-service.

You can also use a student status letter to prove that you're a student for other reasons, such as avoiding Council Tax. Council Tax pays for community services in the UK, but full-time students don't have to pay it.

When you first arrive in the UK you shouldn't bring large sums of cash with you or keep large sums of money in your accommodation. Bring enough cash to cover your living costs for the first few weeks, until you've opened your UK bank account, and have been issued with a debit card to make withdrawals from your account. You could also consider using a pre-paid travel card, which allows you to load the card up with money before you leave.

International fee payments

If you need to make an international bank transfer, Bath Spa University has partnered with Flywire to provide an easy and secure method of sending international fee payments. The balance of tuition fees must be paid in full by Saturday 18 September. We recommend payments are made before leaving your home country as your bank may need to verify your password or send you a confirmation code by text, and this won't be received if you're in the UK and have changed your mobile SIM to a UK network.

Find out more on our How to pay page.

Beware of frauds and scams

Since the global pandemic has hit, criminals are taking the opportunity to devise more ways to take your money. Be aware of the ways that you may be targeted and ensure that you keep your money safe.

Scams can be very sophisticated and take many forms. What they have in common is that they’re all trying to get hold of your money, usually by attempting to obtain your personal information or persuading you to hand over your cash. Fraudsters may use cold calling and high-pressured sales techniques to convince you to invest in worthless, cloned, or non-existent items, including cryptocurrencies. They will claim the opportunity is time limited so that you have to act quickly, with little time to consider or investigate further.

These scams may also be promoted on social media with an almost too-good-to-be-true outcome if you invest your money. They may use fake celebrity endorsement to draw you in.

Things to consider:

  • Unsolicited cold calling about investment opportunities is illegal – if you have received a cold call, this could be a sign that you are being solicited to pay into a scam.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so you are completely unprotected, if you lose money it will not be returned to you.
  • Email confirmations and websites may look official but it doesn’t mean they are genuine.
  • Legitimate investment companies are listed on the FCA’s Financial Services Register. You should always check before committing to investing any funds.
  • Never download any suspicious software that allows people to access your device.

Remember, if something sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

Scams targeting international students

There have been a number of scams targeting international students across the UK, including:

  • Callers pretending to be from the Home Office or the Police.
  • Tuition Fee scams, where a person offers to pay the students’ tuition fees at a discounted rate or favourable conversion rate.

Please remember:

  • The Home Office and police will never call an international student to request payments or ask for personal details
  • You should only ever pay your tuition fees directly to the University.

For more information, please see the Frauds, Tricks and Scams webpage at Gov.uK.


See maps for:

  • Central Bath (including the train station, bus station and Green Park House)
  • Newton Park (including the campus and the Newton St Loe/Globe bus stops)

We've also produced our own map of Bath, which you can access from our Getting around page.

Useful contacts

Immigration Advice Service - Provides professional advice and support about visas, immigration and study in the UK.

Student Information Team - contact Student Services Advisors for general non-immigration study-related information or advice.

If you have any other questions about life at Bath Spa as an international student, or you’re not sure who to contact, please get in touch:

Student Wellbeing Services - Provides professional advice and guidance relating to mental health, money and wellbeing.

Student Accommodation

For urgent contacts while in accommodation, call the relevant number below:

International tip: We recommend that our international students sign up for the monthly UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) student newsletter. You can also follow them on Instagram, FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Are you an international student? Do you need help with your English or academic skills?

English Language Unit

We're here to support all international students whose first language isn't English. We focus on developing your English and academic language skills through tailored support and individual in-depth 50 minute tutorials to help with your assignments. All ELU services are completely free to Bath Spa students. Get in touch:

International tip: Insure your valuable items and register them at Immobilise.

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