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Community – Bath Spa University
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Welcome to our community

Bath Spa is more than just a place to study; it’s about making, creating, thinking and doing. It’s about bumping into friends on campus, embracing challenges and genuinely caring. It's where we push boundaries – as well as ourselves – and it's a community that you'll be part of long after you graduate, as one of our alumni.

Groups of students sitting in the SU bar Groups of students sitting in the SU bar Groups of students sitting in the SU bar

Spa speak

You'll come across lots of terms and acronyms that you might not have heard before. Our Spa Speak guide will help you know your SU from your VLE...


Some courses include fieldwork, which is research and data collection in the real world. For example, Geography students have so far conducted research in the English Lake District, South Wales, Spain and India.

Lectures vs. seminars

Students often assume that they'll be taught in big groups in lecture theatres – and that's true! You'll also have seminars which are smaller groups, similar to classes in school or college. Seminars provide an opportunity for you to discuss in greater detail with your tutors and peers the material that you've been taught in a lecture. It's a chance to ask questions, explore ideas in depth, or even argue about new topics!


Modules are the individual components, like building blocks, that make up your course. Each module has a specific 'credit point value'. Modules are considered 'core', 'required' or 'optional' for any given course, so you have some flexibility in tailoring the course content to your particular interests.

My Bath Spa App

The My Bath Spa App gives you access to University services on your phone, tablet and desktop. It brings together news, information and updates in one place as well as your welcome checklist. You'll use the app to check in to your lectures and check your timetable.

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play store.


MyServices is the place to go for questions or queries to do with IT, or to log calls with student services such as the Library, Student Information Team and more.


My Wellbeing is your place to go for all things Student Wellbeing Services. You can ask questions, book appointments, access screening and assessments for Specific Learning Differences, and view upcoming events and workshops.


This will depend on your specific course but relates to learning and then demonstrating the skills and experience you have gained in a practical way.

The Student Hub

This is where the Student Information Team are based alongside IT. Other University Services such as Student Wellbeing and Finance are available on select days. It's your 'one-stop-shop' for information, support and advice. The Student Hub is located in Twiverton at Newton Park campus opposite the Refectory.

Once you have access to MyServices, you can use this to log a call with the Student Information Team. Otherwise, you can call the team on +44(0)1225 876115.

Students' Union

Led by students, for students, the Students' Union is an independent charity which represents all Bath Spa students. Your SU ensures your voice is heard as well as providing lots of opportunities for you to make the most of your University experience. Head to the SU website to find out more.


Ultra is the name for our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), your digital home while you’re at Bath Spa. This is where you'll find all the information you need for the academic side of university. Find out about modules, course notices and interact with your course leaders and other academics.


Virtual Learning Environment (see 'Ultra')


Workshops provide you with the opportunity to collaborate on a project, sometimes with guidance from a visiting industry expert. You may also be called on to provide critical analysis and feedback when reviewing the work of your peers.

Who's who at Bath Spa?

You might not ever need to contact some of these people, but it's good to know who's who and what they do...


The Vice-Chancellor is like the CEO of an organisation and is the most senior executive role within the University. Our Vice-Chancellor is Professor Sue Rigby

Postgraduate (PG)

Postgraduate (PG) students are those studying at Master's level including PGCert or researching for a PhD/Doctorate. The home campus for postgraduate students is Corsham Court. 

Undergraduate (UG)

Undergraduate students are typically studying a Bachelor's degree (BA or BSc). The home campus for undergraduate students will depend on the course you're studying, and you'll likely use more than one.

Course Leader

The academic member of staff who designs and manages the course, making decisions on modules, placements and so on.


You'll have most contact in your course with Lecturers and Tutors (see below) who, like teachers at school or college, facilitate the learning, set and mark your assignments, and support you with your studies.

Academic Advisor

At Bath Spa most students are allocated an Academic Advisor, who will support your academic and professional development throughout your University career.

Your Academic Advisor will be a member of the teaching team from your course and will be available to help and advise you throughout your studies at Bath Spa University. They'll be your key point of contact and offer you appropriate academic advice, guidance and structured support at key stages of your academic career. They'll also be able to effectively signpost you to our relevant Student Services support service teams across the University.

Sabb or Sabbatical Officer

The Sabbatical Officers (known as Sabbs/Sabs) are the representative voices of the students in the Students' Union (SU). The Sabbs are generally former students who have studied at Bath Spa, so they've been in your shoes before!

Together with the President of the SU, who oversees the SU, the Vice Presidents represent and speak up for the various areas of student life at Bath Spa.

The Sabbatical Officers for 2022-23 are:

  • Students' Union President - Jas Raymond-Barker
    The President is the lead spokesperson for the Students' Union and all Bath Spa students. They chair the Students’ Union’s Board of Trustees and work closely with the University’s senior management team to champion you and your interests.
  • Vice President Welfare and Community - Laura Bold
    The VP Welfare and Community leads on issues relating to the Bath Spa student community. This includes welfare, mental health and wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion, housing, and the Students’ Union’s relationship with the local Council and local residents.
  • Vice President Opportunities - Elise Booth
    The VP Opportunities'  job is to help you make the most of the opportunities available to you outside of your course which enable you to have fun, make friends and develop your skills. They lead on Students’ Union activities including all clubs and societies, events, volunteering and trips abroad.
  • VP Education - Neetu Karwal
    The VP Education's role is to represent your academic interests. They are the student representative on many University committees which make decisions about the policies which affect your learning and teaching.

Find out more about the Sabbatical Officers on the Students' Union website.

Course representatives

Student volunteers who gather feedback from their peers, present it to academic staff, and work as part of the Students' Union to make change. Course reps are really important in making sure that the student voice is heard when decisions are made about your course. Your course staff and the SU will invite those interested to sign up for this role in the coming weeks. For more information, email

Your Students' Union

Bath Spa Students Union logo

The Students' Union is a registered charity, independent of the University, which represents all Bath Spa students. It's led by students, for students – and you automatically become a member for free when you enrol (although you can opt out). Want to lead a campaign, join a club or society, meet new people or make a change on campus? Follow the SU on social media: @bathspasu on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Head to the SU website for full details of their Welcome Week activities and don't forget to join the Facebook group to meet other new students!

Advice Centre

The SU Advice Centre provides independent, confidential advice and support on a range of issues including academic matters, sexual health, housing and general wellbeing. If you have a concern or you just want a chat, contact us via email:

Bar and shop

The SU Bar on Newton Park campus offers space to study and socialise; it’s a great place to unwind. The SU Shop is right next to the bar and offers a range of snacks, drinks, groceries and stationery – it's also where you can buy a Bath Spa University hoodie! Please check the latest opening times.


Your Students' Union provides loads of opportunities for you to make the most of your time at Bath Spa. From volunteering as a course rep to joining a club or society to developing a campaign or fundraising idea, there are lots of ways for you to make friends and develop your skills. More information can be found on the SU website.

Sabbatical Officers (Sabbs)

Your Students' Union is led by a team of four Sabbatical Officers, who are full-time student representatives voted for annually by the student body. They work closely with the University, the local community and the National Union of Students (NUS) to represent you and your interests. Head over to the SU website to get to know your Sabbs – there you’ll find contact details for all your elected representatives, their areas of work and how to get involved.


The SU Gym on Newton Park provides a range of fitness and weight machines. Personal training is also available free of charge as part of your membership. More information can be found on the SU website.

Join a club or society

Run by students, clubs and societies are a great way to meet like-minded people and make friends outside of your course. There are over 70, and if your passion isn't represented, you can set up your own! Clubs and societies are free to join for First Years as part of your Welcome Package.

Live your best life for less with Totum

TOTUM Membership

Your Students' Union also offers you the opportunity to access loads of student discounts. Membership of TOTUM will give you over 250 discounts online and in store, including food, fashion, technology and music as well as a PASS proof of age ID.

Once you enrol and have your University email address, you'll be able to purchase a TOTUM membership. If you sign up for two years, you'll get another year for free!

With the free TOTUM app, you can find great savings and offers from brands hand-picked for students – straight to your phone.

A female member of bar staff pours a drink A female member of bar staff pours a drink A female member of bar staff pours a drink
Inside the Bath Spa Students Union. Lots of colourful tables and chairs, and a bar in the background Inside the Bath Spa Students Union. Lots of colourful tables and chairs, and a bar in the background Inside the Bath Spa Students Union. Lots of colourful tables and chairs, and a bar in the background
A group of students sit behind a trestle table covered in fliers and with a rainbow flag A group of students sit behind a trestle table covered in fliers and with a rainbow flag A group of students sit behind a trestle table covered in fliers and with a rainbow flag
Two students stand in front of the SU backdrop, holding a sports ball Two students stand in front of the SU backdrop, holding a sports ball Two students stand in front of the SU backdrop, holding a sports ball

Nourishing food in beautiful locations

We have a range of great food and dining facilities on campus, so you’re sure to find something you like. 

Our opening hours vary, so please check our Facebook or Instagram for up-to-date information.

The new COSTA cafe in Commons building The new COSTA cafe in Commons building The new COSTA cafe in Commons building

Where to eat and drink

We offer tasty, nutritious food across our campuses. See what's on offer:

  • Newton Park - The Refectory, Cafe Commons, The Deli, SU Bar and Kitchen, The Pantry
  • Locksbrook Cafe
  • Cafe Sion (Sion Hill)

Meet + Drink + Eat App

Our Meet + Drink + Eat app allows you to order food and other grocery essentials from your phone for delivery or collection across our Newton Park campus. Search 'Bath Spa University' in your app store to download it for free or order online.

Student bloggers

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Money management


Georgia shares her top tips on figuring out your finances during your time at Bath Spa.

Studying at Bath Spa

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Indigo shares her Bath Spa journey - from Open Day to life after Graduation

Making sense of university

Two students talking in Commons.

Kelly tells us what it’s like studying at university so that you know what to expect when you get here.

Commuter hacks

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Georgia shares her tips for commuting students at Bath Spa.

Places in Bath

Charley shares her favourite places to visit in Bath city centre.

Sustainable eating

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Amber shares her guide for a more conscious student kitchen.

Mature students

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Kelly shares her experience on what it's like as a mature student at university.

Have your say

Unitu, the student voice platform

Unitu is an online platform where you can share your ideas and feedback with University staff, and quickly and easily get a response. The platform works like a virtual pinboard where you can post ideas, issues, praise or ask questions and then vote or engage in discussion with other students privately on anything raised. Academic Reps on your course can then make a decision to escalate any post to staff to get a response or request for action to be taken to resolve something. Unitu is accessed via Minerva, our Virtual Learning Environment.

You'll receive an email from Unitu explaining how to activate your account shortly after you arrive - if you have any questions about getting set up, just contact and someone will be able to help.

River safety

The River Avon is an intrinsic part of Bath. It's a beautiful feature within the city, and many people enjoy using the river for activities such as punting, rowing, canoeing and SUP.

But sadly, over the last few years, several people have lost their lives in the River Avon - including a number of students. #GotYaBack was developed by students at Bath College to keep their friends safe after an increase in incidences in the river.

You can read more about the campaign, and ways to make sure you stay safe around the River Avon on the GotYaBack web page.

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion

Proud to be you!

At Bath Spa we're committed to providing an environment that respects and celebrates all members of our community, and is free from discrimination, prejudice, harassment and bullying.

We value and celebrate the diverse individuals that make up the Bath Spa community, and want our University to be a safe space where everyone can feel free to be who they want to be. We even have a podcast, called Be Open, dedicated to talking about issues around equality and diversity.

Bath Spa made its Bristol Pride Day debut on Saturday 8 July 2023 as a group of colleagues, students and alumni joined thousands of others in the annual Parade March.

We had a pop-up stand at the festival where colleagues gave out Pride-themed temporary tattoos and pin badges to complement our sponsorship of the Queer Vision Film Festival element of this year’s Bristol Pride.


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