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MediaWall is for everyone. Find out how to submit a proposal and we'll help you brings your ideas to (bigger than) life.

MediaWall aims to create a community of activity around large-scale, public-facing, digitally-mediated work. A curated programme of artworks, research outcomes, and socially mediated interventions sit alongside learning and teaching activities. MediaWall is open to all interested in exhibiting along the lines of our three key themes.

  • Creativity, design, and exploration
  • Teaching and learning
  • Curation, exhibition, and display

"Open to Bath Spa students and staff, we also welcome applications from external artists, creatives and the curious.”

Before you apply

The application process

MediaWall is a curated space with works managed by a curatorial committee. Interested parties are asked to submit a form (included below) which will then be reviewed by the committee, who will pass approval and display requirements to the artist. The programme of works is decided 3 months in advance to enable testing, development and communications.

Bath Spa University students must have the support of a member of staff or research supervisor.

It is important to note that MediaWall is not a billboard or advertising space, and the committee seeks to support work that will create engagement both within the wider university and with external audiences, with appropriate circulation and support via our social media feeds. 

Artworks may use any format or programming environment the artist is familiar with, and the proposal form requires the artist to identify how the artworks will be supported for the duration of its exhibition. this is to encourage a wide range of artworks and requires the proposer to develop wider cross-disciplinary support for the work, which aligns with the university vision and its strategy.

Proposers are also required to read the guidance document and to compete any risk assessments required. This is essential if the works contain any interactive elements or that require equipment to be placed in the Atrium space.

After the exhibition

After your project goes live, key information from your proposal document will be transferred to an operations document, which provides key points of contact should the work fail or if any concerns are raised about the work or its content. The project lead remains responsible for the work, it's essential someone can be on call to deal with queries or issues that may arise whilst the work is on show.

Apply now

Next steps

To apply to exhibit, please first complete a proposal form. To request the form, email us at

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