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Members – Bath Spa University

Membership of our group is open to all Bath Spa colleagues engaged in relevant research and to individuals within our project partner universities.

Affiliated members

Pushpam Singh

Pushpam Singh - Founder of Kraft Films. Bath Spa alumnus and research project partner, India

Kesar Chand

Dr Kesar Chand, G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment, Himachal Regional Centre, Mohal-Kullu. Research Project Partner, India

Jagdish Chandra Kuniyal

Dr Jagdish Chandra Kuniyal, G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment, Headquarters. Research Project Partner, India

Bindhy Wasini Pandey

Professor Bindhy Wasini Pandey, Delhi University. Research Project Partner, India

Dev Dutt Sharma

Professor Dev Dutt Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, Sardar Patel University, Mandi. Research Project Partner, India

Esther Edwards

Dr Esther Edwards - Bath Spa Volunteer Research Fellow

Christoph Woiwode

Dr Christoph Woiwode - IIT Madras, India

Masood Rehman

Profile picture of Masood Rehman

Masood Rehman – PhD student, University of Edinburgh

Richard Johnson

Dr Richard Johnson – Associate Professor in Science and Environment, University of Cumbria

Andy Skellern

Dr Andy Skellern - Bath Spa Volunteer Research Fellow

Gavin Gillmore

Gavin Gillmore

Professor Gavin Gillmore - Emeritus Professor in Geography

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