Equity, Inclusion and Community

We are an interdisciplinary collaborative research centre with a broad range of colleagues whose research aims to transform learning and lives

Our overarching focus is to create a collaborative forum to encourage researchers at all stages in their careers,  to undertake and disseminate high quality research and evidence based materials or practice which will deliver impact to influence government policy, enhance social justice and help to meet the needs of those transform lives in the UK and transnationally. See, for example, the CREIC Pecha Kucha which gives a flavour of our projects and mission.

Ongoing projects

  • Social Justice, Intercultural Education and the teaching of English in UK and USA: a comparative study (Bhatti, G. and McEachron, G.)
  • Understanding the journey to and through ‘Access to Higher Education Diplomas’ for adults with a Service background (Macer, M. ongoing) Partnership with Forces in Mind Trust and Help for Heroes
  • Pilot: Assessing the potential of P.A.S.S. to support improvements in undergraduate experiences (Macer, M. ongoing)
  • In Care, In School (Parker, R. and Gorman,M. 2013)
  • Attachment Aware Schools (Parker R and McInnes K - shared with CREYC)
  • Intensive Inclusion: Erasmus funded PICA course delivered in collaboration with 7 European Universities over three years (Mortimore , T. and Bhatti, T. 2014) This led to:
  • EDIC 2016 Bid for Masters Modules involving 7 universities 'Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship' (Bhatti, G. 2016)
  • DIAL (Dynamics of Inequality across the Life Course) involving 4 European Universities (Bhatti, G. 2016)
  • Further work on the achievement of equity in the self-improving system (Riddell, R, 2016)
  • Transforming Lives - experiences of mature female students on Foundation degrees for Teaching assistants. With University of Plymouth and UWE. (Bennett,V. and Smith, H., 2017).

Please contact Dr Tilly Mortimore on t.mortimore@bathspa.ac.uk for more information.

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